MOLD Studio | Rundle Mini-Lantern

Rundle Mini-Lantern

MOLD Studio was commissioned by RENEW Adelaide and the Rundle Mall Management Authority to create workable concepts for a market stall/kiosk that could be inhabited by varariou vendors as a pop-up shop in the mall.

The brief required the structure to be: moveable, waterproof, secure, 1.5m x 3m, provide shelter, easily cleaned, resistant to wear, eye-catching, and to cost ~$15,000

Our response came in the form of a japanese-inspired mini-lantern (a younger sibling of the larger one on the corner of Pulteney St) made of steel, perspex, and marine-ply. The lines that break up the structure mimic the graceful proportions of Japanese design, with a dual relationship between order and apparent randomness. The opaque-white perspex panels that line the exterior imitate shoji – paper sliding doors. The interior shelving and panels borrow from tokonoma, the recessed alcoves found in living rooms and studies. The lines of the steel frame resemble the patterns of tatami floor mats. LED lighting would illuminate the interior of the kiosk, giving it an inviting, lantern-like appearance in low light.


All renders are the property of MOLD Studio.