MOLD Studio | Tenth & Gibson

Tenth & Gibson

An ‘Adaptive Re-use’ project in the ever-gentrifying suburb of Bowden – this former industrial park is undergoing one of the most significant urban renewals in Adelaide’s recent history.

With most of the city’s film and photography studios either struggling financially or showing their age; Tenth & Gibson was envisaged as a more modern take on the studio concept, one which reflected the significant advances in technology in those areas, and the evolving working habits that go with them.

Situated in a dormant warehouse; the layout prioritises a large open-plan space with communal table and breakout areas, yet still provides a separate co-working office where freelancers can go about their own work without disruption.

To soften and give warmth to the otherwise industrial aesthetic, hundreds of meters of reclaimed solid timber (Oregon, Jarrah, Stringy Bark) beams have been used as the primary wall lining.


Photos by S. Kovac

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